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The Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport financially supports your membership

The COVID pandemic still poses major challenges for all of us. The time since March 2020 has also been a very difficult period for the Austrian sport. It is therefore easy to understand that many have put their active sport activities on hold, at least temporarily. The severely restricted access to common exercise and sport activities, which was unfortunately necessary, has also led to a reduction in physical activity among the population. The sport clubs even had to be temporarily closed. The consequence was that club members did not extend their membership and - hopefully only for a limited period of time - left the organized sport. Data of Statistics Austria show that the number of members in sports clubs has decreased by an average of around a quarter. The sports clubs lost around 500,000 members during the pandemic.

Club sport, with the valuable support of its volunteers, is the backbone of the Austrian sport. We want to do everything we can to compensate this decline as quickly as possible and to increase the level of physical activity in general. The sport section in the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport is therefore also supporting the comeback of sport in clubs through a promotion campaign for new and regained memberships.

The „Sportbonus“ (Sports bonus)

For the season 2021/2022 or the year of 2022, the Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport will therefore fund 75% of the membership fee. The grant is limited to 90 euros per new membership. To be eligible memberships must be concluded for a minimum period of three months. New members only pay their own, greatly reduced contribution to all participating sports clubs; the sports clubs receive the subsidy through the umbrella organizations and professional associations involved in the process. The contribution of the new club member must be paid between September 1st and December 31st 2021, so that the subsidy can be granted.

Every kind of sport-practice is important, but the Austrian sports clubs further offer their members certain benefit that we particularly want to promote. Take advantage of this unique sponsorship campaign and become a member of a sports club now.

Yours Werner Kogler
Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Federal Ministry
for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport

Werner Kogler, Vizekanzler und Sportminister
Of course, it is very important to the Ministry responsible for Sport to also support existing club members in the best way possible. The overall project #comebackstronger or the „Sportbonus“ (sports bonus) is though directed towards sport newcomers and should further constitute an attractive offer for those who left their sports club in the last year. We want to encourage people to actively practice sport and to support it financially. With the sports bonus, we want to give sport clubs an additional opportunity to address new target groups and overcome the crisis.
This funding program is financed via the funds of the federal government to alleviate the effects of the COVID pandemic. Financial means for these programmes are foreseen until the end of 2021.
Yes, multiple memberships are also supported. We are happy if you discover a new sport.
Yes, that is also our goal and we support it.
No, only memberships with the aim of active sport are funded. This does not apply to fan- or sponsor memberships.
No, only memberships in Austrian sports clubs are funded.
No, this year's payment is the basic requirement for participation. Settlement for the clubs is possible until February 15, 2022.
Yes, a maximum of 90 euros per person can be funded.
Yes, the amount of the membership fee is decisive for the grant. The minimum period for a membership is 3 months.
No, the clubs can decide for themselves whether they participate in this funding program and actively register. If an association does not participate, new memberships in this association cannot be funded.
All those who have not been a member of this sports club since January 1st, 2021 are considered new members.
No, the funding program is aimed at sports clubs with active sport activities of their members. We are very pleased, however, when clubs with other objectives provide sporting offers for their members.
No, the funding program is aimed exclusively at non-profit sports clubs.